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    Nasrollah Khadem (Founder of GSI)
    Mr.Nasrollah Khadem received his engineering degree Paris School of Mine (Ecole des Mines de Paris). He was the founder and the president of The Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) 1962 to 1976. During his tenure as the president, the GSI made tremendous progress in all related areas including mineral and geological exploration of a great portion of Iran. His contribution in the GSI was very instrumental in bringing international recognition for the institute. His enthusiasm and interest in promoting the scientific activities of the GSI continued even during his retirement all the way to the end of his life.    
    God bless his soul

      The Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) was established in 1962, through a special fund project of United Nations. The GSI is authorized to carry out geological and mineral investigations throughout the country, to collect results of activities performed in this respect, to establish interrelationship and coordination between such activities and to prepare, complete, and publish geological maps of Iran. In 1999, the exploration duties of the Ministry of Mines and Metals were totally assigned to the GSI. The GSI is now responsible for the geological study of the country, and the exploration-evaluation of the mineral resources (except hydrocarbons). This commitment is accomplished by the activities of different groups of GSI, such as Stratigraphy, Petrology, Sedimentology, Marine Geology, Paleontology, Tectonics, Seismotectonics, Exploration, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geomatics and different labs, according to the general directions laid down by the Ministry of Mines and Metals, in the framework of the recently approved "Mining Law". Presently about 700 people are working at the GSI, their skills along with laboratory and computer facilities are used to carry out research and exploration projects of high quality. The central headquarters of GSI is in Tehran, and there are five other headquarters in the northwest (Tabriz), northeast (Mashhad), south (Shiraz), southwest (Ahwaz), and southeast (Kerman) of the country. These headquarters carry out local functions of the GSI. The GSI also cooperates with other organizations in Iran and abroad through bilateral cooperation or joint research programs. In order to transfer the geological knowledge and publish new scientific findings, GSI started publishing the Geosciences Scientific Quarterly Journal in Autumn 1992.

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