Six months performance report

The exploration and geology is a general word that it has play the basic role at different culture and economic and even political aspects in countries from for post. Hence New days in many countries of the world such as Iran, it has been paid a. special attention to review the exploratory and geology, and in order to expand this section.

The wide exclusive – researches centers have been established and they are activing that sometimes it's importance and valid is very much (Like Us Geology organization. USGS and France Geology organization, BRGM). In Iran, like many countries of the world, based on the following note, Article of the mine and industry affairs concentration Act enacted 12/5/79 , The exploration, geology studies and the mining reserves and sources identification is the charge of the government sovereignty which on the basis of the enactment No: 1/12/1039b of administrative supreme council, the doing this is considered as main task of state civil mining exploration and geology organization related to mines and industries ministry, so that it can act in the field of the identification and use of mining potential power and advantages and also economic infrastructures.

It is said that in current years, the use of new technologies and the revision in the puts structure of the geology organization has been put at the working instruction based on legal recommendations (Article for concentration Act and Articles of fourth program Act) and with a new research managements establishment, part of the exploratory and geology reviews, The basic evolutions have carried out in other earth sciences applied fields such as geology telecommunication, marine geology, earth sciences database establishment and etc.

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