The Research Institute of GSI, established in 1994, is actively involved in research projects concerning pure and applied geology.GSI benefits from the services of its affiliate, the Toseh Olom Zamin Company (TOZCO), for the implementation of its exploration projects. Specific topics of the GSI's research activities include:  

Systematic basic surveys, mainly including the preparation and compilation of the countries geological maps on scales of 1:250,000 and 1:100,000, and the study of its geology, structure, and tectonics.  


Specialized surveys involving geophysical, geochemical, paleontological, structural and mineralogical resulting, in the compilation of thematic maps.  


Exploration, recording and evaluation of mineral resources to develop the countries raw material and energy resources, expand the industrial basis of country, and encouragement of productive investments .    


Investigation of geotectonic, tectonic, seismotectonic and environmental problems, which are connected to either catastrophic phenomena (earthquakes, landslides, etc.) or the planning and carrying out of technical and development projects (dams, highways, tunnels, urban planning, etc.). The accomplishment of the above aims is achieved by different specialized surveys in the field. Specific laboratory studies are carried out either independently or for the completion of the field work. Remote sensing and GIS (Geographic Information System) methods are extensively used in related departments to compile and produce geological and thematic maps. The above mentioned facilities are also used to carry out feasibility studies for the potential economic ore body resources. A data center (including the library), a computer department, an archive of aerial photographs and topographical maps, a cartography laboratory, a land surveying department are operating as support services at the GSI.

Regional Geological Maps 
Preparation and compilation of geological maps on scales of 1:250,000 and 1:100,000 (geological maps on larger scales are produced where required by special projects). The maps are used as a base for studies in economic geology, pure science and engineering. The following compiled maps are available at the GSI:

 Geological Maps on 1:250,000 scale, covering the entire country have been compiled (121 quadrangle maps). Explanatory reports are available in many cases.

 Geological Maps on 1:100,000 scale, covering about 34% of the country (222 sheets) have been compiled, and about 242 maps are now under preparation, and are expected to be completed by the year 2006.

Thematic Maps (available both as hard copies and digital)
Tectonic Map of Iran (1:1,000,000).
Magmatic map of Iran (1:1,000,000).
Economic Geology Map of Iran (1:1,000,000).
Orohydrography Map of Iran (1:1,000,000).
 Geomorphology Map of Iran (1:1,000,000).
Total Magnetic Intensity Map of Iran (1:1,000,000).
 Total Airborne Magnetic Intensity Maps of Iran 1:250,000 (flight line spacing of 7.5 km, in three colors).
Geochemical dataset mapped systematically (1:100,000), covering about 1/3 of the country. The dataset is available as digital maps of single and multiple elements. The remaining parts of the country are being investigated according to their priorities.