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Development of Iran's cooperation with UNESCO in field of groundwater studies, hazards and preparing map of Karst water potential in Middle East


Following visit of Dr. Razyeh Lak to France, she attended a meeting in UNESCO with heads of the earth sciences and groundwater department, about conducting projects related to groundwater exploration at the international scale and possibility of Iran's cooperation in these projects, related geohazard projects.

Preparation of a draft for UNESCO in collaboration with other countries as a project independent Earth Sciences and Geoparks Program was agreed to be done in three weeks.

It was also decided that parties present their suggestions for Karst Water Potentials mapping in Middle East.

At a meeting with Dr. Ahmad Jalali, the permanent representative of Islamic Republic of Iran at UNESCO, participants agreed to establish a Geoscience Council in the Geological Survey of Iran and Dr. Jalali announced his support for implementation of this plan.


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