Optimized geochemical patterns for exploration of (Cu – Mo) mineralization in kighal- syahkalan region in; Varzegan area

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author M.Nasiri-M.Bloki,B.Samani
Holding Date 30 June 2007



The kygal- Syahkalan granitoid body at NW of Iran is situated on Himalyan- Alp metallogenic belt and is effected by caucausian intrusions, cutting them at N-W direction, bearing cu- mineralization. Stream sediment sampling wilh the aim of prospecting for Cu & Mo carried out in the area and analysed for Cu, Mo, Pb, Zn, Nb, Rb, which resulted in detecting of their respective secondary halos. In order to confirm these anomalies, lithogeochemical samples were collected and analysed for Cu, Mo, Pb, Zn, Nb, Rb, Sr, Ba  and SiO۲, K۲O, Na۲O,CaO, MgO, Fe۲O۳. Differentiation of alteration zones using composite ratios of halos indicate that chloritization releated to mineralization is enhanced by increase in ratio of Fe۲O۳+CaO/Fe۲O۳+CaO+MgO+Na۲O which is considered as important indices in prospecting for blind  ores in the area. Sericitization is consistently related to increase in ratio of K۲O/Na۲O+CaO and any increase of  K۲O/Na۲O+K۲O  is indicative of enhanced potassic zone, which all successfully established and utilized as guides for locating Cu- Mo in the adjoining areas.

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