Minralization Zoning Cu-Mo and Cu-Au In NW IRAN

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Gh.Sohrabi
Holding Date 30 June 2007


Abstract :  

Metallogeny zone of NW IRAN۱:country-region>۱:place> is part of Oligo-Miocene Volcano-Plutonic Belt that is important because Of Cu, Mo, Au, Ag, As, Sb, W, U, Pb, Zn mineralization. In this zone most of geological structures have NW-SE trends, such as folds, faults, mineralized and altered zones. NE-SW structures rarely are extend some ore zones such as Au in veins and breccia zones are mostly found in the trend. That is important for exploration of Au deposit. In This paper we try that separate mineralized zones, using result of earlier thesis and investigation of Qaradagh zone also, study of ore zones in two sides of Arax river and comparison of them. the study indicate two separable mineralized zone(Cu-Mo and Cu-Au) in this area mineralized zone of Cu-Au Has formed ore deposit of QZLJA,ALVA N,MIVEHROD and in zone of Cu-Mo has formed ore deposit of PARAGACHAY, KAJARAN, QARACHILAR-QARADAREH and SUNGUN. each one of this zones is similar in formation time, magmatism, tectonic, alteration and mineralization features .all ore zones related to Oligo-miocene intrusives, Calcalkalan, I- type, meta-allominous and formed in VAG granite. with systematic study and gain of information from north of arax, in addition to Cu-Mo and Cu- Au Zones, Can be separated Cu-Zn-Pb and Fe-Co-W zones, and which cause to find of new ore deposits in this area.


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