The Investigation of Engineering Geology Characteristics of Marly Rocks in Shiraz Tang-E-Sorkh Dam

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Mohammad Reza Parhizgar-Mashaalah Khamechian-Nozar SamaniMohammad Reza Nikodel
Holding Date 01 July 2007


Marly rocks are one of the most abundant, diverse, and one of the problematic geological materials. They have a large distribution in Iran۱:country-region>۱:place>, therefore a lot of projects encounter to them. Their diverse characteristics due to water absorption from ۰ to ۱۰۰ percent are caused their different engineering aspects; hence in performance of many dams construction, lots of difficulty are formed. Therefore, to identify their aspects in Tang-e-Sorkh dam site, some samples are collected from different depth of foundation. In order to popularization of these data to all dam site, at first we selected those boreholes that cover all foundations and second have a relation to solubility of gypsum. To this purpose, ۱۲ intact samples were selected from different depths, and in laboratory were surveyed respected to their physical characteristics, atterberg limits, clay type and content, slaking index(

), swelling strain index( ), swelling pressure index( ), and amount of dispersibility and its relationship to solubility of Gachsaran gypsum. This study in addition to support the diversity of engineering aspects of these rocks, says that the main agent is clay mineralogy. 

Keywords: marly rocks, Tang-e-Sorkh dam, swelling strain & pressure index, gypsum solubility.