Palynofacies and sedimentary environment of Neyzar Formation in kopet Dagh Sedimentary Basin

Category Paleontology and Stratigraphy
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author M.Allameh-E.Ghasemi nejhad-A.Saeedi
Holding Date 01 July 2007


Abstract :

Neyzar Formation is one of the Upper Cretaceous Formation's series of kopet Dagh۱:placename> Basin۱:placetype> in N.E of Iran۱:country-region>۱:place> and it's consists of gluaconite sandstone(in some horizons is vesicular) and light grey and olive-green calcleous shale. With Intercalation of fossilferous limestone. The studied orea is located in the East of chahchaheh village with ۶۰/۲۰/۲۱ East longitude and ۳۶/۳۸/۱۵ North longitude. This Formation is located as conformity on Abtalkh Formation in this area. And it's upper boundry is conform with kalat Formation also.In this article we tried to identily the palynofacieses of Neyzar Formation according to the palynologic elements which  we studied before and in continoues we reconstruct the paleoenvironment of the mentioned Formation.

In this research the sedimentary basin۱:placetype> of Neyzar Formation۱:placename>۱:place> and palynofacies have studied for the first time by palynomorphes specially by Dinofelagellates. According to the palynomorphic elements which exists in ۵۰ palynologic Slides, ۲palynofacieses have determined for The mentioned Formation. The Sedimentary evironmeunt of this Formation is shore and is included of Inner Neritic till some parts of open marine with medium energy.


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