Petrography and Petrogenesis of plutonic rocks of Zaker iron deposite

Category Petrology
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author N.Khanmohammadi-A.Khakzad-J.Izadyar-A.Hajabolfath
Holding Date 02 July 2007


Petrography and Petrogenesis of plutonic rocks of Zaker iron deposite

 (NE of Zanjan)


Zaker iron deposite is located in the Northeast  of Zanjan city and is a part of Tarom volcano plutonic belt . This belt with NW_SE trend was formed during tertiary Azarbaijanwest alborze magmatism . plutonic rocks of the area  are  also distributed with the  NW_SE trend. this rocks with  probably Oligocene age were intruded into the volcanic - volcanoclastic (Tuff-Lava) rocks of the Karaj۱:city>۱:place> formation with Eocene age and caused iron mineralization.In the basis of petrography studies they have varial lithology changing from quartzmonzodiorite, quartzmonzonite to quartzsyenite. Their mineral assemblages contain plagioclase, alkalifeldspar, quartz, amphibole, pyroxene,  biotite, chlorite, apatite, sphene and magnetite. Geochemical studies indicate  that  they are metaaluminous and high K calkalkaline rocks. Trace elements distribution shows, they are enriched of Ba, Rb, Ce, Cs, Th, Sr, Nb, Zr, La, Eu, Y and Yb.Petrographic and geochemical  evidences  suggest  that  they are I-type granitoides and related to post-collision magmatism.                                                                              

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