Geothermobarometry of subvolcanics at Dalli Index

Category Petrology
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author F.Ayati-M.Noghreian-H.Asadi-M.Khalili-Gh.Torabi
Holding Date 02 July 2007


Dalli area is located in Markazi province about 200 km SW of Tehran. It lies in the west of Urumieh – Dokhtar volcanic arc. This area is mineralized. The type of mineralization is porphyry copper which is enriched in Au and unique  rare in Urumieh – Dokhtar, where most of the porphyries are copper and molybdene. Plagioclase, amphibole, biotite and quartz are major minerals in volcanic rocks at this area. On the basis of geothermobarometry study, temperature and pressure have estimated about 795 c° and 5.95 kbr respectively. On the basis of estimated pressure, the depth of magma chamber is about 22 km, likely in lower crust.

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