hydrothermal alteration mapping in Taher Abad area

Category GIS & Remote sensing
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Nasser Naimi _e_ ghassabian
Holding Date 02 July 2007


The studied area, situated about 350km SW of Razavi Khorasan province, and is magmatic assemblage of the lut block. That mostly consists of andesite, dacite, latite and aglomerate. The intrusive rocks are micro-diorite.Hydrothermal alterations are kaolinitic, limonitic – kaolinitic and silisic alterations, and are widespread in the area.

 This paper discusses, in detail, how to use image processing methods, especially used analysis of multivariate statistics to   enhance  and extract image information witch is relevant to hydrothermal processing including magmatic intrusion structures, structure and country Rocks hydrothermal alteration, ring structures and so an , and combained them with geological , geochemical and aeromagnetic Data. Finally hydrothermal Alteration zone and Using the Satellaite Images for hope- giving mining origins are introduced in  Taher Abad sheet.

tags: QAZVIN