Influnce of mineralized and altered regions on stream and groundwatre quality from the viewpoint of environment

Category Environmetal Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author R.Talai-H.Peirovan
Holding Date 02 July 2007

Influnce of mineralized and altered regions on stream and groundwatre quality from the viewpoint of environment


The influence of rock compositions on stream water and groundwater resources qaulity and export as a result of weathering is a major environment concern at the mineralized and altered zones, because of the link between water chemistry and biodiversity. In order to assess the quality of water in river and stream of Dostbaiglou area, 29 water samples including 7 samples from spring, 5 from well also 17 stream samples in the study area were taken. The results obtained from analyzes shows that groundwater of altered areas are high sulPhate, calcium and magnesium type; and the earth alkaline and strong acidic ions concentrations are positively corrlated to alteration rate.  The influence of altered zones on the perennial Gara-Sou river water are less than on the intermittent and ePhemeral stream waters. The increases of sulfate concentrations, carbonate and non-carbonate hardness are also related to mineralized and altered area in stream waters and groundwater sources. Total hardness quantities are often excessive in water sources of this area; Whereas, Total hardness of stream waters is the permissible levels in non-altered zones with fresh basement rocks. Altered and mineralized region waters fall mostly within the field of undesirable or poor quality waters, and these are saline and harmful to drinking and irrigation. The high concentration of sulPhate, corrosion specialty and low Ph are the greatest agents of inciemency of altered territory  waters. The altered and non-altered samples of the waters had a chloride 250 ppm., that maximum recorded cholride values were below standard levels. The Ph values has mainly been decreased  in the some of the altered zone water samples, and it can be releted to time and surface of contact with mineralized and altered materials. Altered zone waters with low Ph contain high concentration of some potentially heavy and toxic metals that cause environmental damages. The highest value of total dissolved salts (TDS) were found in the some of the altered zone groundwaters, These not only are significantly above the allowed limit but very toxic as well.

Key Words: water qaulity, river,mineralized, altered, environmental, harmful and toxic

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