Comprising the results of estimation of Arak-Shamsabad iron ore deposit with geometrical and geostatistical methods

Category Mine
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author R.Ahmadi
Holding Date 03 July 2007


Ore deposit estimation is one of the most important main of exploration and we can judge about deposits and investigate their economic extraction possibility, only after this stage. In this study, the estimation of Arak-Shamsabad iron ore deposit has been carried out with different methods.

For ore deposit estimation of this region, based on the ore status, amount and type of carried out exploration operations (the tunnel grid with 4.6 kilometers length in 2337 meters height in hanging wall of the ore body and the tunnel grid with 5.5 kilometers length in 2300 meters height in foot wall of the ore body) and available exploration data, the cross-sectional (horizontally) method as both manipulation and using Surfer software methods and Kriging method among different geometrical and geostatistical methods, alternatively are the most suitable methods and are used so that for computing the volume between two horizontal sections using Surfer software in order to decreasing the error two methods are used; in the first method, the volume between the ore deposit surfaces in the tunnel grid surface no.1 and the tunnel grid surface no.2 are calculated directly and in the second method, the ore deposit estimation is carried out using the area of influence of the underground exploration operations and the rule of nearest point (equal influence).

However the geostatistical methods are the best methods for ore deposit estimation but in this case for several reasons consist of the ore deposit type, type and amount of available exploration data and presence of the trend in the region, the errors of the directional variograms are too much and therefore the Kriging's estimations are not accurate. The ore deposit estimation with cross-sectional (horizontally) method for high simplification of shape of the ore body is not very accurate. It's found that the cross-sectional method using Surfer software with the area of influence of the underground exploration operations, is the best estimation method for this region.