Study of effect of blast hole diameter on fly rock using multi variable decision making method (TOPSIS)

Category Mine
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author M.Manjezi-H.Dehghan jan Abadi
Holding Date 03 July 2007


Tajareh lime stone mine is situated in Lorestan province. Blasting operation is performed using various hole diameters. Considering close vicinity of the mine to main road and other industrial buildings, fly rock due to blasting operation has caused serious problems. To cover this disability, rather new approaches such as multi variable decision making methods (TOPSIS) may be applied.

In this study, blasting operation in Tajareh mine has been studied using these methods. On the basis of out comes of this research, the most appropriate diameter for blast holes is 64 mm. Finally, it was observed that 64 mm blast holes can be effective for both reducing fly rock and satisfying economical aspects.

Key words: Fly rock, TOPSIS, Blasting pattern




tags: QAZVIN