Modeling of minimum acceptable target reserves in gold projects

Category Mine
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author A.Sayadi-M.Yavari-N.Solgi
Holding Date 03 July 2007


Exploration projects need considerable investments. These projects are associated with high techno-economical risks. Evaluation of exploration potential is therefore necessary. If in primary steps of exploration, one knows the deposit reserve is not sufficient for being economic or the grade is less than normal grade, it may be decided to discontinue the project. The minimum acceptable target reserve is known as a criterion for determining the economic potential of deposit regarding to techno-economical environment of project. In this research work a new, model is proposed for the determining minimum acceptable target reserves in gold projects. This model is verified through the economic filed data from Zarshpran gold mine. The graph of grade versus tonnage and internal rate of return versus tonnage are demon stared through Excel software. The results of this research could be used as powerful decision make tools in gold exploration projects.

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