Towards the Aluminium Industry Development in Iran

Category Mine
Group GSI.IR
Location The 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Author A.Ghiasvand-M.H.Basiri
Holding Date 03 July 2007



   Aluminium ranks first in both production and consumption after steel in the world and its consumption alone exceeds the sum of other non-ferrous metals. Aluminium industry is known as Energy of Bank in industrial countries for its very high energy consumption. Therefore, aluminium producers are going to expand aluminium industry in the energy-bearing regions. The countries with enormous hydrocarbon resources such as middle-east countries and also Iran, are ideal places for the investment in the aluminium industries.

   This question will be answered that wether, investment in aluminium industry of Iran is economic? Taking into the account that Iran has large amounts of energy but it does not have sufficient bauxite deposits. Nepheline syenite is one of the alumina resources. Iran has remarkable nepheline syenite deposits. Investment in nepheline syenite is important issue for iran. According to this research, on the basis of alumina processing methods in the world and future market analysis, investment on the nepheline syenite deposits of Iran is not feasible. In this paper the other ways for aluminium production with reference to energy factor are proposed.

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