Tectonics of Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf

Category Tectonic & Seismotectonic
Group GSI.IR
Location The 3 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Pedram Aftabi
Holding Date 30 July 2007

The high amount of potassium (20%) content in the secondary salt come from the central dome show a volume of primary lenses as founded in Pohl.

The Hormuz Island seems to be mushroom diapir similar to Great Kavir but is not a simple mushroom. Dips of the layering in this typical dome was inward to upward and is different with a simple mushroom diapir.Althought in the mushroom diapirs in all levels the dips of layering might be down dip. If a salt layer intruded into another salt layer an overhang of salt formed into the youngest salt and intrusion of salt into competent layers formed a rim or collar around the dome. The change in the compression rate can active a dead hot salt and open a closed pull apart. The dead salt or droplet salt with make an internal mushroom. Interpretation of folds base of the field work and aerial photograph showed that the shape of the island is probably related to the internal structure of the island. The internal folds interoperations show possibility of the rotation in the island and complex shape of the mushroom called here Palm diapir.

Two type of structures or compositional layering seen in the field consist of upright to overturn down dip compositional layering in major to minor folds in the central part and southern new nanmkier and also up dip compositional layering in the old nanamkier.The new namkier showed up dip to down dip compositional layering and two direction flows. The island is consisting of three salts one in the middle is a concentric salt dome with major concentric folds and minor concentric sheath folds. Central part of the mountain is consisting of 4 major concentric parts. These are 4 mushrooms and may be to 6 in some cases (major mushrooms).4 to 6 major mushrooms in concentric form are eroded by sea dissolution in the last period of time, when the pull apart was closed. It is believed that the pull apart at Hormuz is open now and the mountain rise because around the island sea water is very shallow. The holed salt in the triangle trap of closed stem curl after intrusion of the new salt and curls several times after intrusion of 4 to 6 major internal mushrooms in a big palm diapir.

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