Category Environmetal Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Dr. R. Nobari- Eng.M.Morshedian.Dr.F.Rahmani-Eng.M.Mostan
Holding Date 13 August 2007


The history of Crystallotheraphy is related to arcient time whiche is continved upto now. There are many studies and researshs on various subjects about the stones done by different scientists but less scientific, methodical and practicd work done for therephy prothodical of crystals.

So, in this article we try to give a brief  ex planations about the therephy properties of stones for private and common uses, and how to choose various precious stones for each fingers, and finally the relation of each fingers with different parts of body.

The main goal is to know more about the energy centers, visible physical body, and non visible energy body of the human and heal and treat the diseuses more fust by properties.

So, for all mentioned above it is necessary to use properties and potential abilities of crystals and finally see the miraculous results. As the saint Augusing said,The miracles happean, not in contradiction with the nature but in contradiction with our knowledges in the nature.

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