Geochemical and geology exploration of khunick Gold deposit,Southern khorasan

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author M.Omidvar
Holding Date 13 August 2007
Khunik Gold-bearing district which is located in south of Birjand is belonged to Central zone of Iran lithological units are consisted of tuff,agglomerate,andesite, rhyodacite, microdiorite and altered argillaceous unites. These units have NW-SE Trend. Mineralization is related to hydrothermal breccia and has a 100 × 500 meter exposure. Based on previous Exploration. Projects the grades of gold in stream sediment were 5-900 ppb. Also it has found about 1-90 grain of gold in heavy mineral samples. Maximum grade of gold in mineralized zones was 6.ppm and has recorded farm main trench. It seems that if the exploration could be concentrated on around of microdioritic sub volcanic unit, better results would be gained.

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