Small Scale Mining Overview

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author A. R. Sayadi۱, S. O. Gilani۲
Holding Date 15 August 2007


During the last two decades, due to various reasons such as intensity of global competition, increasing instabilities etc., tendency of investment in small industries has been grown up rapidly. Small scale industry has affected world economy positively by generating many job opportunities and creation of wealth. This trend can be observed in mining industries also. The effect of small scale mining (S.S.M.) can be considered for improving of economy in many developing countries. In this approach, on the contrary to large scale mining, the level of technology, management and capital investment is not so high. S.S.M. has created approximately 11.5-13 million employment opportunities throughout the world. Though the aforesaid benefits, this sector of industry can cause environmental problems and lessen safety and health conditions in mining operation.

According to UN employment index, in Iran, 60% of coal mines, 30% of iron ore mines and 50% of metal (non-ferrous) mines are operated in small scale. Presently, Gilan and Eilam provinces are having minimum amount of S.S.M. and in Khorasan and Hamadan provinces maximum amount of this activity can be observed. There are many cases (newly small discovered indexes, small gold deposits and abandoned mines) which can be operated economically only by S.S.M.

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