Design of ultimate pit limit of Se-Chahun mine by NPV Scheduler software

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Monjezi, M.۱, Sayadi, A. R.۱ , Eskandar Ashour, A.۲, Seddighian, M.۳
Holding Date 15 August 2007


The iron ore reserve of anomaly XI of Se-Chahun iron ore deposit is estimated to be 145 million tones. The grade of iron varies from 32-42 percent with average 37 percent. The planned annual production is 3.4 million tones.

The ultimate pit limit shows the position, dimensions and shape of the mine at the last stage, i.e. mine life.

The amount of mineable ore reserves and waste materials which have to be moved are also outlined on this area. In this area the points which are not suitable for construction of surface facilities such as processing plant, administrative buildings & etc, have been marked. That portion of the reserve which is placed beyond the ultimate pit limit is not feasible for exploitation.

The aim of this research work is to determine the ultimate pit limit to obtain the maximum net present value on the basis of lerches- grossman method. For this purpose, NPV scheduler software has been used.

Comparing the results of the present work with results of determination of pit limit with hand method, revealed that stripping ratio 37 percent is reduced using NPV scheduler software

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