Investigation of Precious and Semi Precious Stone in Markazi Province

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Mohammad Reza Hosseinnejad
Holding Date 15 August 2007


Markazi province is located in central of Iran and it belongs to Metallogeny zone of Sanandaj-Sirjan and Magmatic zone of Oromieh-Dokhtar.

Ancient mining activity in Markazi province shows there are some potential area for precious and semi precious stone such as Garnet, Tourmaline, Zircon, Quartz, Jasper and so on.

A primary exploration improved the existence of these minerals in Khoshgehdar and Ghaleh Agah Hamid in Saraband and also Nezam-Abad in Arak and finally zali-bolagh, Nivasht and Koh-pang in Saveh.

About 100 sample collected from the study area and cut and polished in Iran and India.

The result shown

1-Tourmaline and Garnet due to their maturity, crakes and colors has not good characteristics for cutting and polishing although there are enough amounts of these stones in the area of Khoshgehdar and Ghaleh Agah Hamid.

2-Quartz has a good characteristic for cutting and polishing although there is a good outcrop in the surface but, we do not know about amount of reservoir underground.

3-Jasper is the only mineral that has a good condition for cutting and polishing and also has enough reservoirs in Markazi province.

According to our researching, although there are enough amounts of these Semi Precious stones in Markazi province but there is not any recognized market of Jasper in Iran. We should explore, extract, cut and polish Jasper in Iran and then  export these production to  some country such as U.S.A, Germany, France, Russia and India that has a good market for jasper

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