Microfacieses and sedimentary environments of Elike Formation in the Bolbolkhan , Amol

Category Sedimentology
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author M. A. Gholi Nataj -F.Fayazi
Holding Date 18 August 2007


     According to microscopic stydies of stained thin section with Alizarin Red – s , Polished handspaciments and field data the kinds of microfacieses this formation distinguished ;

  Twelve microfacieses related to four depositional environments , tidal flat environment with three microfacieses , lagoonal environment with three microfacieses , barrier environment with two microfacieses  and open marin environment with two microfacieses . Tempestite microfacieses which is present in all depositional environments and one microfacieses related to coastal barrier . This facieses were deposited in an arid carbonate ramp similar to the southern part of Persian Gulf .