Sequence stratigraphic of Sefid-kuh formation (lower triassic), in type section in Agh-darband area (north east of iran)

Category Sedimentology
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Javanbakht,M., Mahboubi,A., Moussavi-Harami,R., Ghaemi, F.
Holding Date 19 August 2007


Four section in this formation were studied for investigating of Sefid-kuh formation s deposits in Agh-darband area. Petrography study of Sefid-kuh formation s rocks led to identifying two groups of pyroclastic and carbonate facies. When the arcs have active, the pyroclastic facies which are include of tuff and lapilli tuff between the carbonate facies have been made because these facies have been made in a fore arc basin. The carbonate facies of Sefid-kuh formation have deposited in a platform carbonate (ramp tape) and a four facies belt open marin, barrier, lagoon, tidal flat. Desert and petrography studies show that the super sequence of Sefid-kuh formation in the type section has made of four sedimentary sequence of three order. The low boundary of this super sequence with a horizon of paleo soil and top boundary of it is in the form of non-erosion. The see level change s curve comparission with global curve in this section show that the general precedur of sea level transgressive is similar in both of that and determine with a transgressive super sequence in the late scythian. The observed differences are more in boundary type and the sequences number which are because of sedimentary condition changing in the studied area. 

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