History Sea level changes during depositional of Albian- Cenomanian glauconitic sandstone in Eastern Kopet- dagh Basin based on surface and subsurface data

Category Sedimentology
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Ghasemi Noughabi, M., Moussavi- Harami, R., Najafi, M., Mahboubi, A.
Holding Date 19 August 2007


Glauconitic sandstone of Albian- Cenomanian( Aitamir Formation) exposed in  the Kopet-DaghBasin in the northeast Iran. This Formation is composed of sandstone, mudstone and   minor amounts of carbonate rocks. Glaucony grains are present in all of  the siliciclastic lithofacies. The characteristics of lithofacies and lateral and vertical facies changes in Gonbadli well 9 and Mozduran section show that the Aitamir Formation may have been deposited in lagoon to open marine environments dominated by waves and storm. Based on sequence stratigraphic analysis of  surface and subsurface data, five depositional sequence of third order cycles have been identified. Sequence boundaries in all depositional sequences are type2(), except the upper boundary of sequence 5. Interpreted sea- level curve during Cenomanian Time and only during the fall of sea level can be correlated with global sea level curve.   

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