Integration of TM and airborne data for exploration of base metal and gold mineralization in;Sheikh Tabag-Mianeh East Azarbaijan.

Category GIS & Remote sensing
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author M.bloki,M.Mohammad zadeh, B.Samani
Holding Date 19 August 2007


The study area of Sheikh Tabagh-Mianeh is situated in Alborz Azarbaijan zone, in NW of  Iran-East Azarbaijan. The area is comprises of volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Eocean, Oligocean and Miocean type. The intrusion of granitoid body in NW-SE direction to these units has caused reactivation of hydrothermal solution in the region,  resulting in the formation of base metals and gold mineralization with their related alteration zones.

The recognition of these alteration zones can be used as an important exploration tools in prospecting the base metals and gold mineralization in the area. The great extent of alteration zones and TM image limitation in detecting some of these zones caused to integrate the airborne data including (K, Th, U and Mag), with that of TM in order to optimize and detect the alteration zones.

The optimization based on TM and airborne data were carried out using fuzzy logic method, which resulted in detecting two promising areas of A and B for base metals and gold mineralization.

Ultimately the integration results along with field check confirmed the most promising zone of A for base metals and gold mineralization in the area

tags: QAZVIN