Soil Erosion Zonation and Sediments yield Estimation of the Pegah-Sorkh Basin, Gotvand Area using RS&GIS and EPM Model

Category GIS & Remote sensing
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Rangzan. Kazem۱, Haidari. Arsalan۲, Zarasvandi. Alireza۳
Holding Date 26 August 2007


        The basic goal in watershed management is estimation of sediments entrance into dams and water reservoir. The purpose of this study is estimation of basin sediments yield of Pegah-Sorkh basin, Gotvand area in Khouzestan province using EPM experimental model and RS&GIS techniques. The study area with approximately 4600 Ha shows different type of lithological units and vegetation cover. Data collected from available sources were further processed in conjunction with image processing and field observations. Further more digitized maps were geo coded with other data. From topographical sheets at scale of 1:25000, the DEM, slope, aspect and hypsometry maps were extracted. The results show that the study area can be divided into two hydrological districts. For each district the altimetry, shape factor, time of concentration have been measured. Finally, erosional zonation and erosion sensivity maps of the study area is calculated.

tags: QAZVIN