Chemical Leaching of Aluminum from Taile of Jajarm Alumina Plant

Category Mineral processing
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Y.Ghorbani۱, M. Oliazadeh۱, A.shahvedi۲ and A. Ghorbani ۱
Holding Date 26 August 2007


Chemical leaching of aluminum from red mud, the major waste product of the alkaline extraction of Al from bauxite, was examined. Sulfuric, nitric, citric, oxalic, gluconic, malic and lactic acids were employed individually or as mixtures in chemical leaching experiments. The preheating of red mud and its effect on leaching process has been studied. By using citric and sulfuric acids 78.2% and 93.7% of Al2O3 was extracted while the concentrate of Al2O3 was 12.5 and 14.5 g/l respectively. In case of mixture of acids (citric, oxalic and subsequent H2SO4 addition to reach pH to 1.5), the recovery was 84.6 while 13.5g Al2O3 came into solution. Despite of an impure solution of Al obtained with H2SO4 alone, it may be more efficient and economical due to high concentration extracted Al and high price of organic acids. In other hand, leaching of Al from red mud appears feasible an industrial scale using sulfuric acid.