Beneficiation of Bazman Garnet Ore by Shaking Table Method

Category Mineral processing
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author P. Shamsi, M.Oliazadeh, M.Noaparast, A.Amini, A.R.Raeisi
Holding Date 27 August 2007


Probably, shaking table is most effective method in gravity separation and usually used for beneficiation of garnet. Therefore this method was used to study the beneficiation of Bazman garnet. Main minerals of this ore are garnet (grossular type), wollastonite and diopside. Grade of garnet in ore was 47.73%. Garnet grains contain fine inclusions mostly diopside and wollastonite. Size of inclusions is about 30-50 microns and constitutes 10-30% of these grains. Shaking table tests were done for various grain sizes, angles and water flow rates. Maximum grade of garnet was obtained in coarse fraction (600-1700 microns) and 81.79% with a recovery of 12.1%.

tags: QAZVIN