Study of possible source rock in south of Caspian sea with emphasis on gastropoda and bivalvia

Category Paleontology and Stratigraphy
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Holding Date 27 August 2007


Maikop series , in age upper-Oligocene to middle Miocene in Republic of Azerbaidjan (western Caspian sea) and Caspian part its is petroleum source rock.So,considering interpret of results gained from correlation between the Maikop series and the Miocene sediments in southern Caspian sea(Iranian side),determined these sediments as probable petroleum source rock.Recent geochemical studies by Research Center Oil Industry of Iran,reveald that Miocene sediments in southern Caspian sea(Iranian side) can generate 5-10 milliard oil barrel.Therefore,in this research,Alamdeh-Galanderud and Nudeh-Takam sections were selected and biostratigraphy studies with emphasis on bivalves and gatropods were done.In conclusion four conditions to form oil and gas are mentioned.

tags: QAZVIN