Frasnian –Famennian Brachiopods from North Kerman.

Category Paleontology and Stratigraphy
Group GSI.IR
Location The 24 Symposium of Geosciences
Author Ghasem shirazi B,Dastanpour M,Vaziri M.R
Holding Date 27 August 2007



27 taxa of brachiopods from northern part of Kerman studeid as following:

Anatrypa sp., Anathyris sp. , Anthyris cf. , Anathyris gr. helmersenii Cleiothyridina coloradensis  , Cleiothiridina sp., Camposita sp., Crisinarina sp., Cyrtospirifer asiaticus, Cyptoterorhynchus arpaensis, Cyrtospirifer verneuili , Cyrtospirifer supradisjunctus ,  Cyrtospirifer sp., Cyrtospirifer              syringothyriformis,Eobrachythyris sp.,Leptaena sp. , Ptychomaletoechina sp. , Productella subaculeata , Productella sp., Mesoplica sp.,Spinatrypina robusta, Spinatrypina chitralensis, Retichonetes sp., Rhipidomella sp.  ,Rhipidorhynchus kotalensis, Uchtospirifer Multiplicatus, Tylothyris subvaricosa          .                         

Frasnian-Famennian stages were suggested with regard to the faunas from limestone and marly limestone beds.