Application of SRIF in GPS kinematic data processing

Category GIS & Remote sensing
Group GSI.IR
Location Geomatics confrence 81
Holding Date 28 January 2008

Application of SRIF in GPS kinematic data processing

[ H.Adib ] - Geodesy
H.Ebadi ] - Geomatics engineering Department K.N.Toosi University of technology


In kinematic GPS surveying, the roving receiver visits the locations to be surveyed. This set up allows a high productivity in collecting spatial information. It is convenient to obtain the results of the data processing already in the field while the survey is run, instead of at the office. In case of insufficient quality, corrective actions can then be taken immediately in the field. The data processing must, therefore, be recursive. The SRIF (Square Root Information Filter) allows estimation and quality control assessment to be made in recursion and thus possibly in real-time, in close parallel with the gathering of the data. The quality control comprises the Detection, Identification and Adaptation of errors in the incoming data (outliers, cycle slips). By the DIA-procedure, the effect of the errors on the estimates of the unknown parameters, the coordinates of the rover, is directly removed.


GPS.kinematic positioning.SRIF.quality control.

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