Motion Modeling In GIS: A Case Study On Motion Planning in Space-Time

Category GIS & Remote sensing
Group GSI.IR
Location geomatics conference 82
Holding Date 28 January 2008

Motion Modeling In GIS: A Case Study On Motion Planning in Space-Time

[ Mohammad Reza Malek ] - Dept. of Surveying and Geomatic Eng.; University of Tehran Dept. of Research, National Cartographic Center, Khorasan Branch


Advances in wireless communication, location-based engines and computer networks are some of forces that are propagating spatial reasoning, analysis and optimization from stationary objects to the moving objects. There are many works for handling moving objects from modeling, database and other aspects. Within the framework of this paper a cone in small space-time space domain models a moving object. We show how can the spatial relationships to be represented by primitive relation called influenceability. It is also shown that based upon cone model and using constrained optimization method a new method for collision-free path is suggested. This method can be adapted with several suggested data models for moving objects. With a numeric example the application of suggested method in an intelligent transportation system is examined.


spatio-temporal GIS, topological relationship, region-based model, constrained optimization, intelligent transportation system

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