Category GIS & Remote sensing
Group GSI.IR
Location geomatics conference 83
Holding Date 28 January 2008


[ Hooshang Eivazy ] - BS in Surveying, University of Science and Technology and MSc student of Khaje Nasirodin Toosi


In harsh countries such as Iran, improving agricultural status, strictly depends on constitution of a powerful spatial data base abreast of all eedful aspatial data regards to various fields includes agricultural engineering essays and ownership affairs. In order to create such a huge Geospatial data base, National Cartography Center of Iran, arrange a team, concludes GIS, RS, Stewardship, Field Surveying and Aerial Photogrammetry to develop product-line approach on Gilan-Shelman district with more than 300 villages, to grasp errorless agricultural cadastral data. Beside above inter group activities, GIS team, developed a series of potential applications, deploys cadastral agricultural data, to expose high ability of GIS systems along with its proper input data, affording agricultural engineering problems in design and management

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