Implementing Wireless GIS: Geo-data Approach

Category GIS & Remote sensing
Group GSI.IR
Location geomatics conference 83
Holding Date 28 January 2008

Implementing Wireless GIS: Geo-data Approach

[ Ali A. Alesheikh ] - GIS PhD
Hossein Mohammadi ] - GIS Master
Mehrnoosh Ghorbani ] - GIS MSc Student
Ehsan Mohammadi ] - GIS MSc Student


Sharing and updating the huge amount of geo-data is the problem of the GIServices. Rapid development of wireless technology, in integration with nouvelle computer software/hardware technologies, provides a suitable platform for GIS to share the geo-data and geo-services, ubiquitously. The geo-data is one of the most considerable parts of the wireless GIS, regarding to the problems it makes.Diversity in handheld devices and geo-data characteristics, force the GIS specialist to take modern technologies to handle the database of a wireless GIS. XML (eXtensible Markup Language) provides an easy to interpret and platform independent data format. In spite of limitations of XML in data volume, it provides an appropriate data format for wireless applications.This paper implements a wireless GIS based on XML data format. The invoked geo-data is extracted from a main database and converted to XML format. The XML document is parsed, interpreted and displayed using XML related technologies such as XML schema and XSL (XML Stylesheet Language).Eventually, interested map is displayed on the device screen.This paper tries to investigate the shortcomings of wireless environment and devices in dealing with geodata and introduce a solution to overcome the obstacles using XML data format


Wireless GIS, Geo-data, XML, XML Schema, XSL, Handheld Devices

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