Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location 8th international seminar earthquake prognostics
Holding Date 02 March 2008

     On the modern stage of the development of the geographical science the special attention is payed to the informatization of the scientific researches of different kinds of natural phenomena and processes about which the informational flows are increasing day by day. And the couses of happening of most of natural occasions remain undiscovered because of the destined models of processes of their formation For the aim of creation of the geoinform base of the catastrophic phenomena on the basis of the personal computers of IBM PC AT and YAMAHA types geophyses with direct and research availebilityes are organized by us and basing to them geomultiplication of the catastrophic occasions had been conducted by the help of graphical editors "FANTA", "STORY BOAT", "DRHALO" and others which enable to make geomultiplicational films with the colour image and the corresponding sound effects. Beside this a series of the playing program in the dialogical programming language MSX-BASlC and BASICA having the developed machine graphics had been worked out by us
Taking into account that the catastrophy is a result of the distruction of the stable state of the system in the definite place and in the definite time (by A.E. Shaydegger, 1981) in all geomultiplicational films the process of formation of the catastrophic phenomenon begins from the stable state till the critical (catastrophical) point and then the images (pictures) of the process of weakening of the natural occurences till the new stable states.
Textal informations are realized according to the historical materials of having happened catastrophes of different types in various regions of the Earth sphere (A.F. White, 1978, and others).Composition of geomultiplicational films and the playing programs are realized mainly for the following types of catastrophic occurences: earthquakes (according to 12 point scale of Mercalli), the volcanic take out, processes in the rocky grounds, stone falls, lamination, deseudiny of the upper lamina of dust, quick movement of mud and mountain waters, catastrophic movement of ice and snow snow walls, icy hills), catastrophy connected with the water (catastrophical waterfall, sunami), catastrophy connected with the atmosphere (storms, lightenings, tornado, uragans, dust and sand storms, movement of sandy dunes and barhans (look at picture 1 and 2).

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