Analysis of rockfall in right abutment area of Abbaspour Dam and stabilization method

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 3rd Iranian rock mechanics conference
Holding Date 10 March 2008
      Rockfall is the largest possible hazard in the rock slopes. In Abbaspour dam (Karun I- Iran), that is constructed in the Khozestan province in 55 km north east of Masjed- e- Soleiman on karoun river, Rockfall in slopes of roadway and dam structures in working (surface power plant, entrance of power plant, pumping station,) especially after rainfall, in adition to damage to person and facilities, can cause stopping the servicing and access of maintenance personnel of the dam. In this article, the mechanism of rockfall in that area, according to rating system for determining the rockfall hazards that has proposed by Pierson in 1999, with doing the risk analysis, has investigated and in comparison with calculated risk of world standards, the method for reducing the hazards of rockfall is proposed.
   Key words: Rockfall Phenomena, Abbaspour Dam and Power Plant, Rockfall Hazard Rating System, Risk Analysis