Study of stability of rock masses of outlet of Gardane Rokh tunnel from empirical and numerical methods and analysis of slope stability of its outlet

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 3rd Iranian rock mechanics conference
Holding Date 10 March 2008
      The Gardaneh Rokh tunnel is being constructed with the length of 1400m at the Isfahan- Shahrekord road. The height of tunnel section is 8.6m and its width is 13m and horse. This paper is containing the geotechnical evaluated from the outlet portal of this tunnel and stability analysis of its portal cut. At first the stability of tunnel outlet and supporting system after excavation is assessed by empirical methods, and then by numerical methods with using PLAXIS, stresses and strains is conducted. Then with attention to displacements and strength of the support systems, kind of the support system that assesses from the empirical methods was compared. Slope stability analyses also were performed with finite element at portal cut section. Finally, the minimum safety factor from different methods was shown.
   Key words: tunnel, Gardane Rokh, numerical & empirical methods, slope stability