Calculation using rate of TBM disc cutter in Karaj ? Tehran water supply tunnel

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 3rd Iranian rock mechanics conference
Holding Date 10 March 2008
      Increase consumption of drinkable water in Tehran city, do cause for prevent of water deficit in 25 years later many project designs and applied. Karaj-Tehran water supply tunnel is part of these projects. Karaj- Tehran water supply tunnel is to length of 16000 meter and diameter of 4.566 meter and excavation by double shield TBM. In addition effect of disc cutters in advance rate, this tool has to be important role in economical details. This paper with attention to role of disc cutter in tunneling, calculated useful cutter life by Colorado School of Mine methods and Norway Rock Mechanic Institute methods and so Credit measure this methods. These methods based on different base, mathematical formulas field study. Results of Colorado School of Mine methods don?t have enough accuracy, because this project not tests of Cerchar index .result of CSM method relative to this index. But parameters of NTH method is measure able and appoint parameters don?t need to complexly resting. The reason for use of NTH method has more than credit of CSM method in projects like of Karaj- Tehran tunnel that basic data is limited.
   Key words: TBM, Disc cutter, using rate, CSM, RMI, NTH

tags: TEHRAN