The Role of the MESF Website in Providing Services to the Middle Eastern Seismologists

Category Tectonic & Seismotectonic
Group GSI.IR
Location 4th internetional Conference on Seismology
Holding Date 11 March 2008
     The Middle East Seismological Forum (ME SF) website was launched in an effort to promote seismological research from the scientists, engineers and researchers of the Middle Eastern Region, URL:
The region of the Middle East is mainly located along the Tethysides organic Belt, has a long historically documented seismicity, and diverse geodynamic and seismogenic regions. Needless to stress the frequency of occurrences of earthquakes and other natural hazards in this part of the world, and the need to focus on the mitigation and relief activities, through the local authorities and via the regional and national Institutions and scientists.
The Middle Eastern Region is not presently covered by dense seismological instrumentations, or any other geophysical real time coverage. The scientists, engineers and researchers of the region, could help provide the necessary ground truth data necessary for the various monitoring activities of the CTBTO and other international research tasks.
Seismologists, earthquake engineers and other geophysicists and engineers in more than 150 universities and research centers in the Middle Eastern Region experience difficulties in publishing their academic output in the international journals. The absence of a facility or mechanism to render this service at the present time necessitated this endeavor.
The establishment of a focal point, where seismologists, seismological engineers and scientists from the Third World could communicate, and exchange data and ideas and present preliminary results and findings is a step foreword .The extended help of International and regional organizations and centers of learning are needed for the project to achieve its objectives.

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