Investigating the water resources in Kabirkooh anticline karstic formations

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location 20th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 16 April 2008

     The Kabirkuh is a double plunge anticline which located in Hame province.Length of this mountion is 160 kilometers and belong to the Zagros folded zone.
The exposed geological formations in descending order of age are Garau,Sarvak,Surgah, Hani,Gurpi,Pabdeh,Asmari and Gachsaran.
Because of the high rate of precipitation and presence of joints and fracture in carbonate and gypseous formations karstification phenomena has been developted at this anticline. Hence karstic features such as doline, karren, canyon, cave and jama have been formed.
Sarvak and I1am formations have formed a permeable hydrogeologic unit which is underlaid and overlaid by impermeable shales of Garau and Gurpi formations,respectively. Several big karstic springs originate from this hydrogeologic unit which are overflow springs type at classification according to geologic and tectonic conditions.
These springs contain Darreh shahr ,Sikan,Kuchak and Koim at north flank and Siah gav,Abdanan, rvlaymeh I ,Maymeh 2 and Gurab-e mayrneh at south flank of the Kabirkuh anticline which provide main part of potable and agricultural water of 11am province. The aquifer dynamic volume in period 137 1-72 have been calculated 329.78 M.C.M by using of recession curve analysis of springs.

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