The Engineering Geology and GeotechnicalAssessment of Agh ?Chay dam G.R. Khanlari, Dept of Geology, Bu-Ali?Sina site University

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location 20th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 16 April 2008

     Agh-Chay dam is situated in Western Azarbyjan province. The site 45 km from the North- West of the khoy city. The dam is making on the Agh- Chay river.
From point of view of geology , the petrology of the site is
included of Conglomerate, ,Sandstone,Mudstone and siltstone, which are a Red-bed formation (Qom formation).
The abutments of the dam formed an anticline, that is parallel with river so that it has East — West orientation. The site is adjacent to Badowly trust fault containing shear zones.The structural geology study of the area shows that the area has seven minor faults in the right hand side of the dam accompany with two minor faults in the left hand side.
According to the data analysis from the lugeon test, 36% of boreholes shows an expansive behaviour, 22% shows a linear behaviour, 21% shows washed behaviour and 5% shows closed behaviour.
In addition, the moderate of the RQD was foun to be 41% in the left hand side of the dam and 49% in the right hand side. Consequently, it was concluded that the quality of the rock mass is weak.