Ground water pollution from municipal landfills in Golastanprovince?case study: Gorgan city?

Category Environmetal Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 20th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 16 April 2008

     Todays, due to population growth finding a new municipal landfills in skirt of the cities have been very difficult. Most of times will face with public opposition, the lack of new landfills from economic points together with the diminishing capacity of landfills now in operation could lead to major crisis in all cities in the country. A major reason for public opposition to new landfills are pollution of surface and groundwaters and its environmental impact from landfill leachate. So due to lack of regulation and special
ndared or properly located designed and operated caused the man health and the environment to be in danger. Groundwater
ntamination by municipal landfills leachate has been an issue for cades.
though studies of other countries about this problem, They have included that leachate from municipal landfills caused serious oundwater monitoring program and other problems such as ological unstuitable areas unsanitary landfill without effective ner.
organts landfill is located in southern part of the city on bess eposite in unsanitary method without any effective liner, which is 3used surface and groundwater contamination in the area nderstudy.
he result of chemical data of groundwater samples in landfill area ndicate that some of cations and anions are more than drinking vater standards. So in some of groundwater wells nitrate is 145.2 ng/l and Mg is 115.2 mg/l. Geohydrochemical facies of ;roundwater types are Ca++ Na HCO 3 CL and Na HCO 3. So for controlling leachate and protective of municipal landfill for groundwater contamination special care should be taken.
Key words: Groundwater pollution, municipal, Gorgan city and Golastan province.