Palmatolepis conodont genus (Late Devonian) fromShishtu Formation, east Iran and Khoshyeilagh Formation, north Iran

Category Paleontology and Stratigraphy
Group GSI.IR
Location 20th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 16 April 2008

     Palmatolepis as a Late Devonian conodont genus have been examined in parts of east and north Iran. The studied sections in east of Iran are parts of Shishtu Formation in Shotori Range (Howz-e-Dorah and Niaz areas) and Ozback-Kuh Mountains. In north of Iran, the research includes part of Khoshyeilagh Formation in its type locality.
In the present study more than 20 Palmatolepis species and subspecies have been recognized. The richest and most divers fauna has been found in the Niaz area and the poorest fauna is in
the Khoshyeilagh Formation. This conodont fauna introduced different conodont zones in the studied sections.

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