Geochemistry, and petrology of the Kuhe-Mamzar

Category Petrology
Group GSI.IR
Location 20th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 16 April 2008

     The Oligo-Miocene stock of Kuhe-Mamzar, with a general trend of east-west,is located 4 km southwest of Sarcheshmeh copper mine in the Kerman province. They are acidic to intennediate in composition and intruded into Eocene volcanic rock; where their contact is marked by albite-epidote-hornfels facies. The KuheMamzar granitoid stock. show evidence of hydrothermal alteration
and late magmatic. processes, marked by argillic, prophylitic and phylic zones. Based on Q-Ab-Or norm analyses and SiO2-P2O5 diagram, it seems that the granitoid stock formed in a water vapour pressure of . 0.5-3 Kb and temperature of 800-900 ?C. Based on the chemical characteristics and various discrimination diagram, the Kuhe-Mamzar granitoid stock is a Calc-alkaline, I-type Cordellarian formed in a volcanic arc setting.

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