Petrography and petrology of the granitoid body in the north and northeast of Azna

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location 20th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 16 April 2008

     The Azna Granitoid intrusion is located at the North and North west of Azna within the sanandaj-sirjan structural zone.the intrusion is made of Granitoide-monzograniteand tonalite. Geochemical and petrological investigations show the consanguinity between different rock of this intrusion rocks are
calc—alkalinc and peraluminous.charactcristies such as existence aluminosilicate
s (andalusite—sihhimanite—kyanite)and garnet peraluminous nature of the rocks surmicaceous enclaves and more than 1% normative
corundum suggest the s—type origin fur this intrusion. Geochemical investigationes and fild evidence support the (CCG) tectonic setting for these rocks. Thermal effecct of this intrusion on the upper jurassic slatesand phyhllites resulted in formation of alhite—epidote— hornfelse metamorphic rocks.on the basis of stratigraphical and field evidence the emplacement age of this intrusoin is upper— crelaceous (laramid orogeny)