Mineralogy of Luleh-kab region clays (northwest of Saveh)

Category Sedimentology
Group GSI.IR
Location 20th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 16 April 2008

     For to identify the types of Clay minerals in Luleh - Kab mine which is located a North-West of Saveh, the horizontal (tranches) and vertical (bore holes) sampling has been done on the base of soil color and texture changes.
Samples preparing have been done by use of omitting carbonates, organic matter and iron oxides. Then all the samples have been saturated with
EMBED Equation.3
EMBED Equation.3
E.G.(Etylene Glycol),
EMBED Equation.3
EMBED Equation.3
c (lhr), and after that they have been analyzed by X-ray Diffraction
Further more some previous soils have been analyzed by X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and then their chemical composition was calculated.
Results of this study shows that the Clay minerals of Luleh - Kab region consist generally of mixed layer (Illite - Smectite) and rarely of Kaulinite.