Numerical method of seismo-tectonic zoning (Fars province)

Category Tectonic & Seismotectonic
Group GSI.IR
Location 20th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 16 April 2008

     To implement seismo-tectonic zoning , first the region was divided into some subdivisions with equal area Then the seismo—tectonic data related to each subdivision were collected numerically After that the data were analysed through principal component analysis (PCA) and Q-mode cluster analysis The results of multivariate statistical analysis lead the researcher to a proposal for numerical method The proposed method has the following features
— It resolves many of the problems with the non—numerical methods.
2—It shows the general properties of numerical methods(e.g.’ objectivity & stability)
3-The idiosyncratic fiatures of each zone can he represented numerically,e.g. using R-mode cluster analysis

tags: FARS