The study of Geomechanical charcterical of the Site's Shamil and Nian dams

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      The Shamil and Nian dams are kind of embankment and rockfill dam with clay core; they are located about 80 K.m of north- east of the Bandarabas city. In this locate abroad formations with age upper Certusios to Pleistocene , the abroadest formation of this locate in all site and common sea dams is existed , it is Aghajeri formation. In this paper discusses the study of geomechanical parameters, main purpose of the evaluation of geomechanical parameters is the drawing of dams and construction. For evaluation geomechanical parameters of the Shamil and Nian dam sites, the study of geotechnical discusses for example: exploration augers, studying of geophysical analog, onsite examination in boring, laboratory examination.
   Keyword: Shamil snd Nian dams, geomechanical parameters, they studying of geotechnical, they studying of geophysical