An Investigation on Cheshmeh Kileh Basin

Category Environmetal Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      The Cheshmeh Kileh basin is a port of Iran Topo Maps 6163(I,II,III) and6162I.and Lies between zone latitudinal zone of 22' to 52' N and longitudinal zone of and longitudinal zone of 00' to 30' E.the basin is well defined by CASPIAN SEA toNorth , ALBORZ mountain Rang to the south. The investigation is carried out base on quantitative and qualitative analysis of following parameters :The Number of segment(Nu),Length of the basin (Lb), Area(Au), Stream Length(L), Circularity Ratio(Rc),Elonagation Ratio (Re), Leminscate(K), Density(D), Frequency(F), Texture (T), Texture Ratio (Tu),Dissection Index(DI), Relative Relief (RR), Relief Ratio(Rh), Ruggedness number (Rn) and Gradient (G) . The result shows that althought the basin is having good capability of land devlopment but the side selection should be done base of morphological a variabels in realation to geological , Hydrological and Hydrogeological , climatical ,tectonic and botanic variation of the basin with consideration of above parameters in The Cheshmeh Kileh basin the land devlopment is proposed for futher devlopment.